How Exactly Does Noise Cancelation Technology Work?

How Exactly Does Noise Cancelation Technology Work?

The science behind the technology, and why every true music fan should be getting their ears on a pair of ANC headphones right now.

Let’s face it: no one appreciates a noisy background when they’re trying to relax and take in their favourite new song. It’s distracting, chaotic, and takes away from an enjoyable listening experience.

This is exactly why noise canceling headphones have been exploding in popularity in the past several years - and has been transforming the way we experience our music in public or on-the-go, where the hustle and bustle is at its loudest.

But just how does noise cancelation technology work? Let’s get into it.

Creating a more intimate moment between listeners & their music

First things first: noise-canceling headphones can be either passive, or active. Passive noise canceling headphones use the materials they are composed of to block out high-frequency sound waves from the external environment.

Active noise-canceling (ANC) headphones not the other hand, like our Wavv Element ANC Headphones, are capable of doing everything passive noise-canceling headphones can do - but take the technology a step further. They not only utilize materials to block out sound, but also provide an additional level of noise reduction through actively erasing sound waves of lower frequencies.

But how this is done is the fascinating part. ANC headphones use microphones that are secured inside the ear cups that pick up on these external low-frequency sounds, in order to neutralize them just before they reach the ear canal. Noise-canceling circuitry inside the cups note the frequency and amplitude of the intruding sound waves to then create their own new wave that is phase-inverted to them by 180 degrees - resulting in two sounds that cancel each other out. Cool, huh?

Fun fact: Noise-cancelling headphones were originally designed for airplane pilots to provide a more comfortable flying experience, particularly on long flights. They then became available for travelers before making it to the audio listening market.

Today’s noise-canceling headphones are capable of turning down outside volumes by between 20dB and 45dB - which is enough to provide the modern audiophile with a much more pure, distraction-free and enjoyable music listening experience.

Transform the way you experience your tunes forever with the Wavv Element ANC Headphones

Turn down the volume where it’s not welcome - and turn it up where it matters most. Once you’ve tried active noise cancelation headphones like these, there’s no going back. Experience the difference for yourself today. THIS is how music was designed to be heard.
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