Shining the Spotlight on James Hinchcliffe: Pro IndyCar Racer and Wavv Fan

Shining the Spotlight on James Hinchcliffe: Pro IndyCar Racer and Wavv Fan

Turns out James and Wavv have a lot in common - including a passion for unparalleled performance.

Known best for competing in the IndyCar Series and for his appearance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (finishing in a very impressive second place), James Hinchcliffe is a one-of-a-kind star that never ceases to impress our Wavv team - and the best part is, he’s also a loyal user of our Legend(ary) headphones.

Get to know James Hinchcliffe

James was born in North York and raised in Oakville, Ontario, kicking off his racing career in 2003 upon finishing third in the Bridgestone Racing Academy F2000 series. In 2004, James won three races in the Formula BMW USA (top rookie status), and then went on to finish third overall with three wins in the Star Mazda Series in 2005. This was just the tip of the iceberg for James - with many more racing accomplishments to come.

Fast-forward to 2015, James suffered a near-death experience when a suspension failure during a practice session for the Indianapolis 500 sent his IndyCar flying 224 mph into the wall, leading a suspension piece to pierce his femoral artery and causing a worrisome amount of bleeding. Fortunately, James survived the crash - immediately asking when he could race again. And in 2016, he did.

Today, things are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic with the 2020 IndyCar season suspended until it is safe again to resume.

From race tracks to album tracks - James is a lover of all things that move him.

James Hinchcliffe is not only just a pro at everything he does - but is also a true audiophile and advocate for Wavv products like our Legend headphones.

In fact, here’s what James had to say about the Legend and its revolutionary technology:

“I come from a world that is really driven by technology and performance. IndyCar racing is all about the detail. It’s about millimetre adjustments - it’s about finding that perfect setup; that perfect harmony between car and driver, and engine and race track.

“Finding that maximum performance by looking at the details of the technology, a lot of that translates directly to what we were doing with the Legend headphones. They have looked at every possible element of these things - this 12-speaker system and the way these things are designed, it really promotes listening to any kind of music and enjoying every kind of music.

“[The Wavv team] have engineered it to a level that we’ve never seen before in a headphone. The performance level that you get out of it as a result of that is unparalleled.”

Thank you so much, James - we couldn’t agree more. ;)

We can’t wait to see what next is in store for James, and wish him the best as we move closer to the year 2021 - which we’re hoping is a major upgrade from the year 2020!

To keep up to date with the multi-talented James Hinchcliffe and his next moves, follow him on his socials:

Instagram: @hinchtown
Twitter: @Hinchtown


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